Social Media Campaign

Ideas for social media campaign:

Instergram account where you take images of what you love.

A good example of this is the I_heart_Kmart Instergram account. A lady loved Kmart so much that she started taking photos and promoting them online to her friends. The site has become so large that Kmart now employs her Internally to promote their upcoming products.

Youtube short films / Blogs. Create a sequence of moving images on your favourite thing. For example Surfing, skating, horse riding, make-up tutorials etc.
If you research make-up tutorials you will see so many blogs where artists are now earning an income promoting different brands etc.

Podcasts. Talking about issues or topics that you love. You can interview people or create debates.

Online Zine. There are many online magazines or zines for selected target audiences.


A great example of a BLOG written and produced by a student. A fantastic example of a social media campaign that explores the algorithm and conventions of print productions. You will notice the use of negative space, heir-achy, font choice, layout, composition and headlines being explored by this creator. Explore the written, symbolic and technical codes employed by this media creator.

Social Media Campaign on Poverty: By Student