Natalie Knite

This is tricky….how does one start talking or introducing themselves? Do I talk in third person? Or perhaps be more professional and list my credentials? Or as my English teacher would say, just start and have a crack.

My name is Natalie Knite. I am currently teaching Media at a senior level at Christian College Geelong. Media is my passion and to be honest I feel so blessed that I have landed a career doing what I truly love. Young people give me energy on a daily basis with their creative ideas and their new ways of seeing the world.

Prior to teaching I worked in the Media Industry for eight years. I worked in Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, Web Design, Photography, Film, Media Buyer, Journalism and Radio. This has helped shape my mind into a creative thinker who gets inspired by learning new things.

I have travelled to 23 different countries and have worked in London for two and a half years. I have loved the cultural opportunities that this has given me. I am an extremely lucky person who finds herself in the best situations.

These are some of the organisations I have worked for –
• KISS FM Radio
• Visy Industries
• Make A Wish Foundation
• Anouconcept
• Hess Corporation in London

I have taught in the following institutions –
• Carey Baptist Grammar School
• Education Foundation
• Foundation For Young Australians
• The Mental Illness Foundation
• Christian College Geelong
- I have been a VCE Media Assessor for the past 4 years.

My passions are –
Surfing, photography, film, advertising, dance, camping, bbq’s, the beach, yoga and I LOVE all animals.

I live by the coast and have an awesome family. I am a mother of three beautiful children and I am extremely lucky to have found a supportive partner who is kind, loving and the world’s best dad.