Transition & Holiday Homework

Before you return to school next year you will need to complete the holiday homework. Click on the link beside this text. I will go through the requirements in class.

The first thing we study in year 12 Media is Area of study 1: Narrative & Ideology

The Ideology we are investigating is: GENDER FEMININITY & MASCULINITY

Next year we will be studying the following texts for the representation of Gender Femininity & Masculinity –
• Erin Brokovich - 2000
• The Intern - 2015
• Modern Family - 2017
• Friends - 2004

For further information on these texts & ideologies go investigate under the following tabs;
• Narrative & Ideology AOS1 - Unit 3

You will also be launching straight into your FOLIO. For preparation of this folio you are to research TWO ideas for your production.
• Media Production Development AOS2 - Unit 3