Folio – Criteria 1 to 4


Here the student has explored an artist. The layout is clear and they have articulated themselves with depth and sophistication.

Exploring another artist by student. The use of Black & White in their folio gives it dimension.

Exploration: This student has selected to mind map and write their annotations and ideas. If you don't trust your own hand writing then type your annotations and thoughts.

Concept Testing Colour By Student.

Colour Concepts Tested By Student.

This student has explored Billboard designs and Album covers

Investigated the Psychology of font. Important for all print productions.

Exploring travel photography: By Student

Mind Map of Exploration: By Student

Gaining feedback in various ways.

Example of how to survey audience to ascertain feedback on media forms.

Concept testing: Location Scouting

Instagram exploration and photography: By Student

Photographer profiling: By Student

Example of annotation of magazine covers.

Colour testing for photography. Different narratives can be told using colour grading.

Exploring Music Videos.

Psychology of black & white photography.

Example of written effects

Example of layout of images

Example of Visual Effects

Timeline example

Conventions of script format example

Storyboard example using Microsoft Word for its application

Paper stock example