Casting & Production for Reality TV


Reality television is a classic example of the way media can construct a reality and the way that the audience of that reality can willingly suspend its disbelief. We know it is not reality we are watching but we usually choose to ignore that - otherwise it wouldn't be any fun.

The final product of any reality tv show is a construction of selected representations. The decisions made by the Producers is created via a process of selection and omission construction.

Selection = What they choose to keep
Omission = What they choose to remove


How your final is presented is up to you. Some ideas include:
• Power point presentation
• Prezi
• Folio with images and mind maps
• Moving image
• Scripts, Podcasts
• Print Productions – magazine, website

Here is a rough plan of things to include. You can use these as headlines for your task.

• Name of show
• Who is the audience of the show? Break this down into demographics and psychographics. Gender, Age, Likes, Dislikes, What else they watch, Where the hang out, Are they educated, Do you they use social media etc & What is important to them.
• Explanation of the show.
• How you plan to Advertise for your cast – For example a website calling for applications.
• How do people apply? The application process. For example do they send in an, audition tape, Interview, Provide social media accounts etc.
• Who you cast?

• Description of show – How long an episode goes for, where a bout’s in the series does this episode sit? Pilot, Ending, Middle.
• Where is the show? Setting / Location. Include an image. For example, Country, Mansion, Warehouse.
• Map out what takes place in this episode. Events, Crisis, Joy, Laughter, Love or Failures.
• Timeline of chain of events. Include images always.
• Your ending of this episode becomes the 30 second BITE to promote the next episode and audience to be hooked.

• Outline what the 30 seconds includes.
• Which cast members will it involve. Include images.
• Describe your audience and why they will want to watch the next episode or series.
• Describe your audience expectations.