Exam Unit 3&4


40 % of your SCORE.

Remember all examinations are modified. Therefore what you received in your SAC's can either go up or down depending on how you went in the exam.

My advice is GIVE IT YOUR ALL......ALL YEAR! Don't just wait for the exam.

EXAM: Section A

For Section A: All students will be required to complete a range of short and long answer questions ranging in marks value. For this section you will be asked questions relating to the following areas of study:

• Narrative & Ideology
• Media Production Process (This is your folio and your media product)
• Agency & Control

EXAM: Section B

In Section B of your exam you will be required to complete TWO 10 mark questions in Essay format. One question from each of your theories of work that you studied this year - Narrative & Ideology and Agency & Control. The biggest advice I can give here is to plan each of your essays before you being.

Each essay should contain the following:
• Introduction
• Topic sentences
• Evidence
• Media Language
• Conclusion


Narrative & Ideology
Media narratives can convey ideology through the selection and application of media codes and conventions. Analyse how media codes and conventions convey ideology in the media narratives that you have studied this year.
- 10 marks -

Agency & Control
The media has always been considered to have the capacity to influence, but these days the balance of power is changing and arguments about who can influence an audience and a market have become highly contested. Discuss how the change in methods of production, distribution, consumption or reception of media products has changed the extent of media influence.
- 10 marks -