Development – Unit 1&2


This is the opening of your folio. Here you want to make a visual statement of what you are about. Your personality summed up in images, words, music, photos, passions, ideas, song lyrics, artists….The list is endless. These pages within your folio will let your client understand what type of person you are. Your values, beliefs, tastes and eclectic vibe should be explored. It sets up the feel of your folio. You want people to understand where and what to expect in the upcoming pages. The number of pages is up to you, however a minimum of 4 A3 pages is required.

Annotate everything.


For this section you want to explore a variety of concepts and ideas. This could be in the form of a mind map for each concept. You should explore different media forms. Explain what it would take to complete each media product. This is a brainstorming activity. You don’t have to have an idea of your final product at this stage. Use the folio as a guide to create and change ideas all the way.
Make sure you include images in every section so that you have a clear understanding of what you want and the flavour of your folio is outlined.

Annotate everything.


Now that you have some ideas it is time to investigate what else is on the market like your concepts. What have others done? Include their ideas. Research what they did and what did and didn’t work. Show a visual representation of their ideas and methods.
Reflect back to your exploration and see what you have compared to what they have.

Annotate everything.