Narrative – Year 10

The study of film text

When media students undertake the study of Narrative they are ultimately learning the skills and techniques to construct a moving image for specific audiences. Once we understand the codes and conventions behind the moving image we can develop the skill of writing for narrative.

The first place to start is identifying what media language will help you get the best marks when breaking down the Production and Story elements that underpin the narrative.

Why we select the film texts to study…

It is important to understand that all the texts selected for Media are not for the purpose of students loving the film. They have been hand picked to ensure Media students develop the skills in good Film Directing and understanding the conventions and elements of the moving image to create an impact on an audience.

You may not like all the film texts viewed in Media but you will be able to appreciate the techniques that have been employed to engage an audience and therefore grow your understanding of narrative.

For a copy of the Narrative Booklet click the link to the right. This booklet provides the Media language associated with the Production and Story Elements for the moving image.

The second life of the sugar bowl

The Porcelain Unicorn - Short Film

Complete these questions after watching the short film

1. What did you enjoy about this short film? How did you receive this short media text?

2. Did you require any prior information about the Narrative before watching this?

3. Why do you think I selected this short film for you to watch when looking at Narrative as your study unit?

4. How was lighting effective in this short film?

5. Did you find the subtitles annoying and or distracting from the visual elements? - Why? Why not?

6. How was sound employed by the Director to engage the audience and ignite emotion?

7. Was Mise-En-Scene effective in this short film? How?

The Sixth Sense

Before I Fall