Unit 3

In Units 3&4 students undertake the following areas of study:

Unit 3: Media narratives & pre-production

• Area of study 1 – Narrative and ideology
• Area of study 2 – Media production development
• Area of study 3 – Media production design

Unit 4: Media production and issues in the media

• Area of study 1 – Media production
• Area of study 2 – Agency and control in and of the media

Assessment weightings

Unit 3&4 Assessed coursework
• U3: Outcome 1
• U4: Outcome 2
= 20%

School Assessed Task
• U3: Outcome 2 & 3
• U4: Outcome 1
= 40%

End of year exam
• All outcomes of unit 3 & 4
= 40%


Assessment for Media includes a School-assessed Task. For this assessment teachers will provide to the VCAA a score representing an assessment of the student’s level of performance in achieving Outcomes 2 and 3 in Unit 3, and Outcome 1 in Unit 4, according to criteria published annually online by the VCAA.

The School-assessed Task for Units 3 and 4 will contribute 40 per cent to the study score.


Outcome 2
Research aspects of a media form and experiment with media technologies and media production processes to inform and document the design of a media production.

Outcome 3
Develop and document a media production design in a selected media form for a specific audience.

Outcome 1
Produce, refine and resolve a media product designed in Unit 3


A research portfolio and accompanying documentation examining aspects of the selected media form.

Production exercises with accompanying documentation that demonstrates a range of skills in the use of media technologies and production processes relevant to the student selected media form.

A media production design plan based on the selected media form identified in Unit 3 Outcome 2.

A media product developed from the media production design produced in Unit 3.