Unit 1 Exam

All students completing Unit Media will be completing an Exam at the end of Term 2. The exam is a written response to short and long questions. The exam has three Sections and is out of 50.

You will be able to take a double sided A4 Revision.

Please have a look at the Revision Booklet and use to create your Revision Sheet.


You are covering the following Areas Of Study:
• Media Representations – AO1
• Media Forms In Production – AO2
• Australian Stories – AO3

These are the four sections of the exam paper:
Section A – Representation
Section B – Media in production (Folio & Documentary)
Section C – Australian Stories

Revision Booklet

A break down of what you need to know

Click here for booklet

Print Production

In the exam you will be required to study a Print Production, like the one to the left and be able to discuss the code and conventions that are employed to engage the intended audience.