The Making Of

When we investigate a media text, a really good place to start is to look at ‘The Making Of’ it. When we do this we discover how the text was constructed and what code and conventions were employed to build the text. You learn how long it took, what elements were included and why and what components were deleted in the editing process. We also discover what jobs it took to make the media text. This supports our learning by linking our strengths with potential jobs within the media industry.

The Making Of - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Studio

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The Making Of – American Sniper

The most lethal US Snipper in American History

Hollywood screenwriter – Jason Hall
Director & Producer – Clint Eastwood
Modern Day Achilles – Chris Kyle (The American Snipper)
Location - All war scenes filmed in Morocco

Bradley Cooper = Chris Kyle
Sienna Miller = Taya Kyle

Both Bradley and Sienna felt a huge sense of responsibility to do the film justice for Chris’s legacy.

Chris Kyle was alive when screenwriter Jason Hall first went to Texas to meet the American Snipper.

The Making Of - American Sniper

The Making Of - Jaws

The Making Of – Jaws

Did you know?

• The man made shark was renowned for not working on set and delayed filming for weeks on end.
• The line, ‘We’re gunna need a bigger boat’ was add-libed by the leading actor.
• The underwater shark scenes were filmed in Australia and of live sharks and a miniature tank and dummy.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - Before & After - Green screen effects

Behind the scenes of A Dogs Purpose