The Filter Bubble

The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser.

This theory is one that is causing a lot of controversy and getting people talking globally. It is a concept that Eli Pariser identified when in December 2009, Google began customising its search results for all users, and we entered a new era of personalisation. Pariser reveals, this new trend is nothing short of an invisible revolution in how we consume information, one that will shape how we learn, what we know, and even how our democracy works. (About the Filter Bubble)
Ted Talk By: Eli Pariser


  • Invisible algorithmic editing of the WEB
  • Google - personally tailor your query results
  • The internet is flirting with personalisation of material. It is filtering what it thinks we want to see.
  • Gatekeepers - Those who control the flow of information. Those who filter the Internet must have a 'Civic Responsibility' built into its programming.
  • Mediation is the process by which reality is shaped through the ways it is reconstructed by media creators and institutions into representations in media texts. Mediation is about our perceptions of the world being mediated by the media.