Sentence Stems – Narrative & Ideology

A way to make an impact is to open your responses with a punchy open statement. Such as….

  • Audience engagement, consumption and reception are central to media production.
  • Media narratives are shaped by ideological shifts in society.
  • Ideologies in society frame the nature, form and structure of media narratives.
  • The construction of media narratives, take into consideration their audience expectations to validate their ideology.
  • Reception context refers to the environment or circumstances by which a media product is received.
  • Media conventions are the non-technical aspects that contribute to the structure of the narrative.
  • Media codes can be classified as the technical constructions that build a narrative.
  • Media code ad conventions are employed in media products to engage and provide a cultural and historical experience for audiences.
  • Consumption and reading of media narratives are considered when constructing media products.