Post Production – Unit 1&2



Editing techniques will vary depending on what media product you are creating. Each media form has a different approach to editing. Some require large amounts while other productions will use the raw material and not manipulate the original form.

In this section you outline what software you plan to use (include an image). What techniques you will be employing in order to engage your audience. How long you plan this activity to be.

Consider things like:
• Colour grading
• Photo Shop
• After Effects
• Special effects
• Sound manipulation



If you are completing a print production this section is crucial. Here you will be outlining the layout of your media product. You can do this in a variety of ways. You can use a computer program to help you or just draw the layout pages by hand. I would experiment with different ideas before you reach your final.
Each page that you plan to print will need a layout design.