Media forms

Media products are designed and produced in a wide variety of media forms. The construction of a media product is dependent on the style and genre of the product and the intended audience, location, context and time in which the product was created, produced, distributed, consumed and read by audiences. Media forms refer to technological means and channels by which the media is created, produced, distributed, consumed and read.

Media forms include:
• Moving image, for example film, television, video, animation
• Still image, for example photography
• Audio, for example radio, podcast
• Print, for example magazine, zine, comic, graphic novel, newspaper, poster
• Digital, for example online video and audio, streaming video and audio, podcast, magazine, comic, graphic novel, newspaper, video game, blog, website, app
• Convergent or hybridised media: the combination or joining of two or more media forms, such as photography and animation, print productions and a digital game, augmented and virtual reality products.