Year 12 Media

VCE Media

Unit 3 & 4


The year 12 Media experience launches with the unit Narrative - the study of Film Text. This is one of my favourite things to study. If you knew that NOTHING in a film is a mistake then you are on your way to understanding how and why a Director uses Production & Story elements to create a masterpiece. This is not to say that all film texts are masterpieces. Like any Art Form there are flops. It is our job as media students to identify when a masterpiece has been created.

In this Unit we analyse film texts. It is NOT your job to like or enjoy the texts, after all when you watch something over and over again you will obviously start to dislike certain elements. Your job is to know what questions will be asked in the SAC and the end of year exam and know how to answer them using media language.

• American Beauty
• True Story
• The Gift

For the Exam and the SAC you will only have to write about two. This year you will have choice as to which two.

Each text has been selected for different reasons;
• American Beauty – A text that has been studied for years which means there is so much to research.
• True Story – This Mystery Thriller is a true story based on actual events. Therefore you will have a real life comparison.
• The Gift – Directed by an Australian. Another Thriller with easy, identifiable elements applied for audience engagement and reception.


Narrative Work Booklet –
All year 12 students will receive a copy of this booklet. We will work intensively through this booklet. Any spare periods you have should be completing one of the following, Narrative booklet or Production Design Plan Folio.
The booklet has everything you need to know about the study of film texts. It outlines how to answer SAC & EXAM questions and how to apply media language.

Narrative SAC & EXAM Examples -
This booklet contains past examples of SAC & EXAM questions answered to a high standard. You can utilise these responses to support your sentence stems.

Narrative Content Booklet -
Here you will discover the correct media language for each of the Production & Story Elements. This is a handy booklet to support your Narrative SAC & EXAM questions.