TV Commercials – Social Values

Below you will see some examples of past and present Television Commercials that reveal the changes to the discourse Gender Roles within the Family context. Of course there are many more examples. Here is just a few.

Worksafe 2009

SanRemo Pasta 2011

Kia Sport 2011

Toyota 2013

Optus 2015

OPTUS ad Family Sharing – 2015

A text that supports the feminist undertow of women’s equal status with men is the 2015 Family Sharing Optus TV advertisement. The voiceover’s statement that there is “no such thing as a typical Australian family” demonstrates the eradication of fixed gender roles. By suggesting the fluidity of gender roles within a family and rejecting women’s adherence to the housewife role, female independence is implied. By including single mother families in the advertisement, some mother’s wearing suits to suggest their place in the workforce, the text further displays independent, working women. This aligns with the statistic that approximately 40% of infants in America were born to unwed mothers, who therefore require to work for themselves and their children, potentially without the support of a man. Although this is an Australian text, it is designed for both an American and Australian audience, as the values of these societies in relation to gender generally parallel.