Production Exercises

What are they?

In VCE Media, the production exercises that precede your major project are an opportunity to develop your skill in the use of media technology—exploring technical equipment, media processes and the aesthetic qualities of the media form or genre you’ve decided to work in. Keep in mind that your two production exercises are not mini-productions. They should be contained activities that develop specific skills.

As a Media student, you need to practice using the equipment and making films, experiment layout for print, take photographs, use software programs at every opportunity. The more time you spend using the equipment, the more mistakes you’re going to make, the more you’re going to learn about the pre and post production process.

The TWO Exercises

Your Production Exercises must be clearly labelled Production Exercise 1 and Production Exercise 2. To achieve a satisfactory grade, they must include an intention and evaluation.

You will complete these two production exercises in Term 2 and insert your Intention and Evaluation at the back of your folio.

The production exercises you complete for Unit 3 contribute 10 marks to the School Assessed Task which is assessed in Unit 4. Further information about the assessment of the Production Exercises can be found on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s VCE Media page.


The best production exercises will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your selected media form, allowing you to explore the aesthetic qualities and technical equipment you will use to complete your production. You need to think carefully about the production you plan to undertake, including the skills, processes and technology that you will use.

• Film
• Photography
• Editing
• Colour Grading
• Photoshop
• Indesign
• Magazine layout
• Sound recording
• Sound levels
• Green Screening
• Use of equipment eg- Dolly