Media Production Roles

Production Roles

In this unit students develop their understanding of the specialist production stages and roles within
the collaborative organisation of media production. Students participate in specific stages of a media
production, developing practical skills in their designated role. Students also develop an understanding
of media industry issues and developments relating to production stages and roles and the broader
framework within which Australian media organisations operate.

Media production

This area of study focuses on media production undertaken by students within a collaborative context
and the student’s explanation of the process.
All media representations are constructed through a production process. Production is usually
undertaken in stages, often grouped under the headings of preproduction, production and postproduction,
with segments of the various stages undertaken by specialist individuals or teams.
Media practitioners perform specific roles in the development of a media product from its inception
to completed production, distribution and/or exhibition. Students develop an understanding that as
each media product progresses through the various stages of production, the work practices and
conventions of each specific stage and role help shape the nature of the final media product. When
students undertake their production they maintain documentation that includes preproduction media
design documents, such as a treatment, screenplay, storyboards or page layouts. This documentation
also identifies their involvement, responsibilities and understanding of the stages and roles in the
media production process.

Outcome 1
On completion of this unit the student should be able to demonstrate specialist production skills within
collaborative media productions, and explain and reflect on the media production process.

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