Production Design Folio

What is it?

An organised document that is made up of all of the pre-production planning for your final media product.

I tell all my students that you need to pretend you are working in the media industry and you are creating a document / folio of your intention for your client. You will need to show your inspiration, creativity and skill set in this visual design plan. You will then have to follow this design plan in order to satisfy your client. Therefore your final media product MUST be a representation of your folio.

What is it worth?
Your SAT is worth 37% towards your Study Score and your PDP is a very important component of that. You have to have completed your PDP successfully by the end of Unit 3 to pass the unit.

• Production Exercises
• Folio
• Production

The Media Production Design Plan is developed in one of the following forms:

• A video or film sequence 3 – 10 minutes in length, including title and credit sequences
• A radio or audio production of a minimum of 8 minutes in length, including title and credit sequences
• An animated production of no more than 10 minutes in length, including title and credit sequences
• A photographic presentation, sequence or series of images that incorporates a minimum of 10 original source images that must be processed and printed by the student
• Print production of a minimum of 8 pages or layout printed by the student
• A digital and/or online production that demonstrates comparable complexity and provides user accessibility consistent with other media forms listed
• A convergent media production that incorporates aspects of a range of media forms and is consistent with product durations and/or descriptors listed.

Students have employed a combination of these or have created something different from this list. This is ok, but should always be discussed with your teacher prior to starting.


All students will be supplied with an A3 Folio. You are allowed more than one should you fill this up.

VCAA states that you must use the school equipment to film, photograph, design, record, edit and print. This ensures that all students across the state are equal.

Printing. You all have access to 3 different colour printers.
1 at the Villa
1 in the library
1 in the media room.

What is Canva?

This website is a very handy design and layout program that will ensure your folio looks creative and professional.

Use Canva’s drag and drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.