Print Campaigns – Social Values

Below are some great examples of Print Campaigns that have been run over decades that reveal the changes in the Discourse to Gender Roles within the Family context.

1942 - Howard Miller 'We Can Do It' Poster

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Discuss how one text has been shaped by a discourse or social issue present in the society at the time it was produced. – 4 marks

Social issues can shape media texts during the time and place of its production. In Howard Miller’s, ‘We Can Do It’ propaganda poster (1942), the discourse of gender roles and the social issue of, ‘women in the workforce’ was represented. During the time of the media texts production (1942), women had to take over the roles of the men in the workforce as they were off fighting in the war. This propaganda poster represented a women posing in a masculine way, in order to encourage women to join the workforce. During this time period women were joining the workforce at twice the rate as a decade earlier. This print campaign is a fine example of how media texts were used to represent the social values of their time.

Ray Bans 2012 - 'Never Hide' (Representing NewYork 1942)

RayBans ad Never Hide – 2012

Acceptance of homosexuality has significantly developed over the past 10 years. In the 2012 Ray Bans print ad ‘Never Hide’, two males holding hands are being smirked at and judged by onlookers. The bold text ‘never hide’ disputes the judging looks of the spectators by empowering gay couples to be bold. This reflects the emerging attitude in society that gay marriage/couples are acceptable in a modern American society. This value has evidently evolved since the 1942 setting of the ad, in which time the idea of accepting homosexual couples was rejected by the heterosexual majority. In 2015 all US states legalised gay marriage, demonstrating the growth that has occurred in the acceptance of gay couples.

Magazine Print Ad 1950

Magazine Print Ad 1950

Battleship Board Game cover 1968

Kenwood Print Ad 1970

Yorkie Chocolate Billboard 1990

Toy catalogue 2010

Newspaper Ad 2014

Print Ad 2014

Family Print Ad 2014

Billboard Image 2014

Billboard campaign 2014