Practice Questions & Phrases – Narrative

It is highly advised that before you undertake any SAC or EXAM that you submit as many practice questions as possible. Especially when it comes to the Unit – Narrative. This is Part A in your EXAM and given that you need to refer to TWO different media texts, you should get your head around the look and feel of these questions.

The booklet to the right includes different questions with assigned marks. Do as many as you can and get as much feedback from your teacher as possible.


Alluding to
Appeal to the audience
Dominating sound
Signifies the growing tension between
Aggressive connotation
Revealing a judgemental nature
He was positioned directly beneath the
Appears conceited
Vindictive facial expressions
Suggesting he is the antagonist
Unfolding for the audience
This becomes symbolic for the audience
Evoke fear and suspense
Reflect a humorous nature
Key component to the genre
Naturalistic acting style resembling innocence and normality
This character adopts this persona to
Symbolism is portrayed through
The audience is aware of the vulnerability
Tone is persistently dejected and melancholic
Constantly suggestive of evil
Enhance the ominous, suspenseful mood
Thus, evidently enhancing the audience to understand
Slouched resigned movements
The audience expects this character to
Positions the audience to immediately
This is evident through
The audience’s sympathies