Narrative – Year 11

The study of film text

When media students undertake the study of Narrative they are ultimately learning the skills and techniques to construct a moving image for specific audiences. Once we understand the codes and conventions behind the moving image we can develop the skill of writing for narrative.

The first place to start is identifying what media language will help you get the best marks when breaking down the Production and Story elements that underpin the narrative.

Assessment Requirement

For this assessment task each student will create an online BLOG analysing one of the film texts shown in class. In class we will watch a variety of film texts and it's your job to create an authentic online BLOG analysing the major themes, production and story elements employed by the Director of your selected film text. You will be demonstrating your understanding of Narrative and revealing the impact created for the film texts intended audience.

This task will support your understanding of Narrative should you be undertaking Media Units 3 & 4 in the future.