Representation – INXS Never Tear Us Apart

Representation – UNIT 1

In class you will be watching INXS Never Tear Us Apart - Mini Series. Your Representation booklet has practice SAC questions that you will be required to complete prior to sitting your SAC.

As a class we will discuss and analyse the representations employed by the Director & Producer of INXS Never Tear Us Apart.

INXS Never Tear Us Apart Trailer


INXS Never Tear Us Apart

• Band Members
• Band Managers (Garry Morris & Chris Murphy)
• Lead Singers
• Groupies
• Girlfriends
• Wife’s
• Family
• Kylie Minouge / Paula Yates / Helena Christensen

• Australia
• London
• America
• Country Towns


• “The New Wave”
• “Making it”
• “Luxury trade”

• Music Industry

• 70’s
• 80’s
• 90’s

Representation – From the Study Design

This area of study focuses on an analysis of media representations and how such representations depict,
for example, events, people, places, organisations and ideas.
Students learn that media texts are created through a process of selection, construction and representation.
Representations of events, ideas and stories, which may appear natural and realistic, are mediated and
constructed in ways that are different from the audience’s direct experience of reality. Students develop
an understanding of how media representations are subject to multiple readings by audiences who
construct meaning based on a range of personal, contextual, social and institutional factors.

Representation involves the selection of images, words, sounds and ideas and the ways in which
these are presented, related and ordered. Media codes and conventions, together with such factors
as degrees of intended realism, the cultural and historical context of the production and institutional
practices, help shape a product’s structure and meaning. Media products are approached in terms of
how they are constructed for different purposes, their distribution and the ways audiences may read
representations within them.

After watching INXS Never Tear Us Apart answer the following questions.

1979 – Flashback

1. How was the different eras (time periods) represented?
- Hair, Costume, Band Managers, Language, Friendship
2. What were the differences between the lead singer and the melody writer? How were they represented to the audience?
3. How did they represent the wealth of the band? From the late 70’s (when the band was called The Farris Brothers) to when they were an international act.
4. How did the band mangers change over time? Use codes and conventions in your response. How were they reflected earlier in the text compared with the development and the resolution of the mini series?
5. Did the lighting change through out the text? Describe this and discuss reasons why.
6. Did the sound change through out the text? Why or why not?

1980 - Flashback

7. How were the video clips represented in the 80’s? (Cheesy, cheap, poor acting, lighting etc)
8. Were the ‘Groupies’ represented differently to the audience depending on what time period was being depicted?

Representation – SAC preparation questions

For a list of questions to prepare you for the upcoming SAC download the document beside.

For the Representation SAC you will need:

The Representation booklet
Have seen the TV mini series INXS Never Tear Us Apart
Have answered the website questions relating to the text
Revised a copy of the preparation questions