Communication Theories

Communication theories are ways of understanding the relationship between the mass media and its audiences. In order for us to think about communication theories we must appreciate that every individual interprets the media differently, therefore no one theory can work independently for all audiences.

Since the early days of mass communication, media theorists have attempted to describe the process of communication. Every theorist has created a communication theory and supported it with a variety of evidence to help them understand how and why we are all influenced by the media.

To be able to complete the Media Influence SAC & Part C in the EXAM every student should be able to explain a minimum of 5 different Communication Theories. You will be required to know the following points relating to each of the 5 Communication Theories:

• Name of the Communication Theory
• Year it was developed
• Name of the Theorist (s)
• What the theory suggests
• Whether its audience is – Passive or Active
• Evidence supporting the Communication Theory
• Be able to compare and contrast the theory with another
• Strengths & Weaknesses to the Communication Theory